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Find a Website Name| Search Website Name Availability| Reserve Web Site Names

So you want to start a website.  Good choice!  Your business will benefit from a website as customers will be able to find you more easily.  More awareness, visitors, and leads generated from your website will help your bottom line.

If you're looking to find a website name for a personal site or blog, that works too.  Personal branding via a well written website blog can help in any future job searches.  Or, your personal website name may be for a fun family website. 

Whether your website is for business or personal use, the next step is the same - it's time to find a website name for your site.

Find a Website Name

Before you start building your website, you need to find a website name.  We can help in your website name search.  A good website name is important for your business brand.  Finding a website name that works will also help you generate more sales.

The website name you get should be easy to remember.  You want your visitors to be able to easily recall the name of your website.  A good place to start your website name search is with your business name.  Makes sense, right?

If your name is already reserved by someone else, it may make sense to combine what you do with your location.  For example, if you're a vacation rental company in St. George, Utah, the domain name would be ideal. More web hosting and website help here, learn more, or click here.

This type of website name is known as both a "keyword" website name and a "geo" website name because it combines the important keyword someone is searching for with the location of where the service would be provided.  That was a mouthful.  In our example, "CPA" is the keyword a potential customer would search Google, Bing, or Yahoo when looking for your services.  "StGeorge" is the "geo" or geographic location of where the service would be provided.  "Geo keyword" domains will help more visitors find your website in the search engines and click on your listing.

Search Website Name Availability

By now I'm sure you've thought about what website name you want to search for to find out if it is available.  Just enter the website name in the "search website name availability" box above and hit the "Go" button. 

In a flash the website will look up the availability of website name you entered.  If the website name you searched for hasn't been reserved, you'll get a message saying it's available for you to get.  If someone else has registered the website name, just search again for a different website name.  You'll find a website name that works for you.  Don't worry if it takes a few tries to find an available website name - that's normal.

Reserve Website Name

If the website name you want hasn't been registered,  reserve website name right away!  Millions of website names are purchased every month.  Don't risk losing a website name that will work well for your website.  The price of website names are relatively cheap compared to other aspects of running a business.

In the future, after you've built your website, you may start selling products on your site.  When you're ready for that stage, you'll want to learn more about SSL certificates from sites like this, and this.

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Find a Website Name| Search Web site Name Availability| Reserve WebSite Names